Vassar College - Peer Advising

Navigating college academics and planning a course of study can be very challenging. The Vassar Student Association maintains the Peer Advising system to allow new and undeclared students to find a junior or senior advisor with just the right experience to answer any question they have about the coursework, choosing classes, planning a major or junior year abroad, balancing athletics and academics, or the Vassar curriculum. Using the Peer Advising database, freshmen and sophomores are able to quickly and easily reach out to whichever person is best qualified to help them with any problems they encounter during their first two years.

Those problems - the decisions and difficulties faced by college freshmen - are things of the past for juniors and seniors, which makes their perspectives an invaluable resource for new students. It's as close as we could come to letting students speak with their two-years-older selves. At Vassar we're committed to the idea that no senior should graduate wishing they could go back and do it all differently, or feeling that they made the wrong decisions about how to use their time. The Peer Advising system is one of the most important signs of that commitment.

The Peer Advising database can be accessed by logging in using your Vassar username and password.

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